Hidden Images On US Currency

It is believed that the 9/11 images on the US currency were printed as a warning for the Americans or as an inspiration for terrorists. Other people relate these images to the symbols on the one Dollar bill, as a prophecy of a New World Order. No one (except their presumed creators) will know for sure what these signs really represent. But take one of each of the following bills: 5$, $10, 20$, $50 and $100. Make sure you follow the next process for every single bill and that you keep them in the order above. As you watch the front of the note you flip and fold it vertically, then you fold the left side of the bill (approximately one third) up into an L shape and then you do the last step again, for the right side. You will get the five episodes of the 9/11 tragedy. The intact Twin Towers, the Towers with one building hit, the Towers – both hit, the Towers – starting falling, the Towers – almost demolished. For the story of the Pentagon, flip over the bills. Interesting enough?

And if that isn’t enough, just look what we’ve found recently! A face wearing a mask on the twenty. And as a friend pointed out to me, it also shows “2020”.




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