Anti-Viral Cultured Foods

There is a lot of fear flying around about the flu and especially the coronavirus. If I can help you understand what happens in your body and how it works when you get the flu, or what you can do to protect yourself, then perhaps it will help you and make you feel more confident in your body’s ability to heal and keep you well.

White blood cells destroy germs as soon as they detect them. However, if a viral infection begins to take hold, they fight back using a more powerful defense with T and B cells. Antibodies are special proteins made by B cells. They bind to a virus to stop it from replicating, and they also label viruses so that other blood cells know to destroy them. T cells have different roles to play. Some act as warning bells that raise the alarm when they detect invading viruses. Here’s where your microbes come in . . . certain good bacteria in the gut influence the strength of the immune system by increasing the number of T cells. There are two kinds of T cells: killers and helpers. Killer T cells find and destroy infected cells that have been turned into viruses making communities. Helper T cells don’t fight invaders; instead, they are like a military intelligence system. When a helper T cell sends out a chemical message, its matched killer T cell is alerted that a virus is present and seeks to destroy it. Having lots and lots of good bacteria in the gut increases T cell production and keeps communication among all the cells functioning at optimum levels. Signals from these beneficial microbes are essential for keeping the immune system strong so it can seek and destroy a virus or infection. Many people have been on antibiotics which kill the good and bad bacteria, and they have never built up a community of good bacteria in their bodies to fight these pathogens.

Consuming cultured foods will give your body these strong microbes in an easy and delicious way. It will give you confidence in your body and it will make you feel so powerful. While the rest of the world is worried about the flu, you can go to your fridge and fortify your cells with the very thing they need to keep you healthy. If you do get sick, you can use them in the same way to help you get over it more quickly; and before you know it, you’ll stop getting sick. And then you’ve entered the wellness zone which helps you remember who you are – a miraculous creation that has everything you need to keep you healthy and avoid disease – especially the flu.

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